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Cats Currently At The Shelter:
These are the vast majority of cats currently at the shelter, Please click on the image to enlarge it and read the descriptions.  The typical adoption fee for cats is $50 - this fee includes a 4-way vaccination, Rabies shot (if old enough), Microchip and City License (if you live in Sioux City)
Due to the fact that some cats are wild or ferral, not ALL cats are pictured, therefore, please check with us if your missing cat is not pictured.
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Cat Sponsorship.

Maybe you like the look of one of the above cats, but are unable to adopt him or her for yourself? You can always sponsor a kitty - which will make it a lot easier for someone else to adopt. Any amount that you sponsor will be deducted from the adoption fee for that particular cat and you will receive recognition in the cats description for your generosity! (plus, you get to have a nice, warm fuzzy feeling inside - knowing that you are helping a cat in need) ;)
Cat sponsorships are proving to be extremely successful, with the vast majority of sponsored cats finding a home quickly! If you are interested in sponsoring, please complete the form below and be sure to enter the kennel number and brief description of the cat in the message subject line. Please enter the recognition or message (that you would like us to add to the description) in the large box at the bottom of the form. 
Cat adoption fees are generally $50, You can sponsor more than this amount if you would like to and spread it between as many cats as you want to - just let us know how you would like your sponsorship money split up.
After sending the form to us, please use the Donate button (below) to send your chosen sponsorship amount.
- Thank you, sponsorships really do make the world of difference!
To Sponsor Your Chosen Amount
                    - Thank You!

Other Adoptable Pets.

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Its that time of year to set your appointment for our 9th annual Bunnies & Buddies Photo shoot. Photos just in time for Easter. Bring your pets or animals will be provided. Please call 279-6968 to set up your time slot today. SORRY, THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED! Hopefully we can arrange for a fall photo shoot. Sorry for any inconvenience that may cause. Hope to see you all then. CANCELLED!