2020 City Animal Licenses


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Pre-Adoption Questionnaire
We Ask That Prospective New Pet Owners Complete A Questionnaire, To Ensure That The Animal That You Choose To Adopt Will Be A Good Fit For Your Household. You Can Download The Form By Clicking On The "PDF" File:
Dogs Currently At The Shelter:
These are the dogs currently at our shelter, You can click on the image to enlarge it and read the descriptions. The typical adoption fee for dogs is $99 - this fee includes a 5-way vaccination, Rabies shot (if old enough), Microchip and City License (if you live in Sioux City)    
“Zooko” Is a MALE ROTTWEILER / SHEPHERD MIX, Surrendered By Owner Due To Illness, Which Was Effecting Him Being Able To Look After The Dog. Zooko Is Approx 2 Years Old.

Available Now!
“Toby” Is a MALE PIT MIX PUPPY, Found Running Loose On The 2600 Block Of Dodge Ave On 3/25. High Energy – Very Much A Puppy!

Available Now!
“Cherry” Is a FEMALE SHEPHERD / PIT BULL MIX, Found Running Loose On The 1100 Block Of 8th St On 3/15. Seems To Be Very Friendly!

Available For Adoption 3/23.
“Louise” Is a FEMALE LONG HAIRED CHIHUAHUA, Picked Up Running Loose On The Westside Of The City On 4/1. Extremely Nice Dog – But Scared At The Moment.

Available For Adoption 4/8.
“Cleo” Is a SPAYED FEMALE LAB MIX, Found Running Loose On The 1600 Block Of 26th St On 3/19. Cleo Is Approx 5-6 Years Old. Owner Has Been Informed, But Not Yet Come For Her.

Available Now!
"Snoopy" Is a MALE PITBULL / LABRADOR MIX, Found Running Loose On The 100 Block Of W2nd St On 3/21. Nice Dog, Very Friendly & Playful.

Available Now!
“Lucious” Is a MALE PITBULL, Surrendered By Owner Due To Living In Apartment And Dog Requires More Room To Play. Lucious Is 1-2 Years Old.

Available Now!
“Loki” Is a NEUTERED MALE BOXER / DACHSHUND MIX, Surrendered By Owner Who Could No Longer Keep Him. Loki Is Described As A Bit Hyper – So Will Need A Fenced In Yard To Play In And Best If No Small Children Are Around.

Available Now!
“Zander” Is a NEUTERED MALE ROTT / MASTIFF / SHEPHERD MIX, Picked Up On An Abuse Case. Zander Appears To Be An Extremely Nice, Active Dog! He Is Approx 1 Yr Old.

Available Now!
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These photographs are updated every day (Mon-Fri) - So please be sure to keep checking back with us!

    You may need to refresh your browser to ensure that you see the latest pictures.

Dog Sponsorship.

Maybe you like the look of one of the above dogs, but are unable to adopt him or her for yourself? You can always sponsor a dog - which will make it a lot easier for someone else to adopt. Any amount that you sponsor will be deducted from the adoption fee for that particular dog and you will receive recognition in the dogs description for your generosity! (plus, you get to have a nice, warm fuzzy feeling inside - knowing that you are helping a dog in need) ;)
Dog sponsorships are proving to be extremely successful, with the vast majority of sponsored dogs finding a home quickly! If you are interested in sponsoring, please complete the form below and be sure to enter the kennel number and brief description of the dog in the message subject line. Please enter the recognition or message (that you would like us to add to the description) in the large box at the bottom of the form. 
After sending the form to us, please use the Donate button (below) to send your chosen sponsorship amount.
- Thank you, sponsorships really do make the world of difference!
To Sponsor Your Chosen Amount
                     - Thank You!
"Other" Available Animals:
Please check towards the bottom of the Cats page for other types of animals that we may have here at the moment.
Lost & Found Animals:
These are the animals that owners have reported to us that have gone missing. Please hover your mouse over the image to see the descriptions and contact details and use the < and > at either side of the image to scroll forward and backwards through the list. 

If You Have Lost An Animal:

Please write an email to us, giving as much information as possible, include things like animal breed, color, any distinctive markings, where last seen and any other information that you feel would be useful. Please also include a photograph and contact details. You can send your email to this address:


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“Ryder” Is a MALE HUSKY MIX, Found Running Loose Around The Casselman Appts On 3/9 And Nobody Came Looking For Him. Seems Friendly! Available Now!