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Welcome To S.C.A.A.R.C!

​Hannah Inc; Is proud to operate the Animal Control and the Adoption & Rescue services under contract with the City Of Sioux City, Iowa
We first created our website in 2006 and since then, it has had OVER 1 MILLION visitors, which ultimately resulted in literally thousands of dogs, cats and other animals either being re-united with their owners - or finding new, loving "forever homes".


There is no "clock" that starts ticking as soon as an animal is brought in - There are some dogs that have been with us for 6 or more months before a suitable home was found, the only dogs that we put to sleep are the ones that come in with a serious injury or dogs that have proven to be vicious, where we cannot, with a clear conscience, place such an animal into a family environment, Absolutely NO animal is put to sleep just because he or she has been with us for a long time!
We work very closely with Noah's Hope Animal Rescue, also based here in Sioux City. If we have a dog here for a prolonged period of time without any interest being shown in him or her from the public, we will then often place the dog with "Noahs" who will utilize their extensive contacts and foster families in order to find the dog a loving "Forever Home"  
When an animal is brought in as a stray, we will initially hold him/her for 7 days, which gives the owner sufficient time to reclaim their pet, any animal which is still here after the "7 day hold" is then placed into our pet adoption program, where we work very hard to find them a new, loving "forever home".
We also attend many Outreach Events, where we will take animals to remote locations such as Petsmart, where we find homes for many, many cats and dogs - Please click on "Events" on the menu bar to see what we have coming up in the near future.


With this website, we now have the ability to do "almost-live" updates - It is our goal to post photographs of all dogs that enter our shelter during daytime working hours, onto our site within 2 hours of them coming in (Mon-Fri), animals brought in overnight or on weekends will be on the website during the next working morning. - This will hopefully ease the stress for any dog impounded by helping to ensure that his or her stay here is as brief as possible.
Our website should be your first-stop if your pet has gone missing in the Sioux City area!
The "Lost & Found" listings are now located at the bottom of the "Dogs" page, and our listing of "other" (non cat or dog) animals that we may have available for adoption can be found towards the bottom of the "Cats" page.
In addition to the more common cat and dog cases that we deal with, we are also responsible for dealing with most other "animal situations" that arise within the city limits of the City of Sioux City.
Over the years, we have seen animals in all shapes and sizes and have even worked with a bear and cougar that were found in the city! 
​"Cindy-Lou" The Cougar & "Boo Boo" The Bear, who we transported to Popcorn Park Zoo in New Jersey
Cindy-Lou was a passenger in a car that got in a wreck - she got out and ran away, we then had to locate and retrieve her - and Boo-Boo was traded in on a used car!    Believe me, we see it all!
Please note, If Your Pet Is Picked Up During A Time That The Office Is Closed And Has Identification, We Will Attempt To Contact You As Soon As We Can During The Following Working Day.
KCAU_SCAARC April_2019 final.jpg
You can see Us On KCAU TV Channel 9 at 11:55am each Friday morning, where we take adorable animals who are looking for their "Forever Homes"
Thanks for stopping by! please feel free to browse the site by using the menu buttons located towards the top of the page and please contact us if you have any questions. Have A Great Day!
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