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These Are Some Of The Many "Happy Tails" That We Have: 

The Erlandson Family & Sasha  

I don't know if you remember this little girl, but we got her from you back in January. She had a couple of names at your place, I believe they were Silvie and Eve, can't remember which one was the last but her name is now Sasha.

​S​he came to us with extreme separation anxiety. She destroyed doors and windows, just to name a few. She couldn't be left alone for even a minute and tested every last nerve I had! But we persevered (mostly because she was SOOOO naughty, I was afraid if we returned her, she would find a home where people would hurt her for her behavior)

I wanted to share with you how far she has come. Taylor Erlandson, my daughter (who you might remember from her 12th birthday party when she requested animal supplies and donated all to you guys) has been working with Sasha tirelessly. It has paid off, she just won ... a blue ribbon in rally, first place showmanship, reserve champion obedience, overall grand champion showmanship AND ... OVERALL GRAND CHAMPION DOG trophy & ribbon!!!

I'm sharing a few pics with you too. She's still not completely over her issues but she is slowly getting much, much better!


We drove from Omaha after seeing Flora on your website. It was love at first sight. We knew she was the addition we were seeking for our family. Our children renamed her Nala. Nala has brought so much joy to our home. Her favorite activities include jogging to the lake, swimming, and playing in the snow. She is the best family dog and our childrens best friend. Thank you guys so much for helping complete our family!


We were contacted recently by the great family who adopted "Winter" - who is now called "Sadie"


Sadie came to us as an abuse case, that was turned in to us by a concerned member of the community, she was beaten severely and as a result, was very unsure of who she could trust and who she couldn't.


As you can see, Sadie is doing just fantastic (and she looks a little spoiled) ;)


Thank you so much Nancy and Joe - for clearly giving Sadie a wonderful home and treating her right

From Channel 9's Chris & Jenna:

To Chris, Cindy, and all the good folks at Sioux City Animal Control,

We couldn’t be happier with the little girl we adopted from Animal Control! She is sweet, cuddly, playful, and the perfect addition to our family. Because we “found her” thanks to the TV… we named her “Emmy,” and it seems to suit her very well.
Most of all, we have a new appreciation for the wonderful work you do in Sioux City. We are truly impressed with all the love and hard work we saw at your facility, and throughout our community.
We are SO glad we decided to come to Animal Control; thank you for making our experience to wonderful!
Chris and Jenna (Rehnstrom) Liberto
MONROE PD Officer "Bear"
Bear Was A Dog That Was Fostered And Subsequently Found A Home By One Of Our Volunteers.
As You Can See, Bear Is Now An "Officer" With The Monroe Police Dept. You can scroll through these pictures.


I am sending this picture as a "happy tail" I am Nora and I was the foster parent of a dog who is now called Tilly. Tilly came to us last year with a broken pelvis from a hit/run accident. Now her pelvis is fully healed and she lives with with a family who loves her and cares for her very much. She was even in the newspaper if I can find the picture I will send it. Thanks for giving the 'Meyers' such a good dog.


I have attached a few shots of little Miss Bailey. I don’t know if you remember her or not. She was a little Pointer pup from the west side back in nov. of 2007.

Also, we attended your Obedience classes.


She weighed 24 pounds when we brought her home, she now weighs 65 pounds, runs like a deer, and as you can see she is quite into her play toys in the backyard.

We train almost 3 days a week on both rubble and wildernes Search.


She completed the AKC Canine Good Conduct class last week, and In December her and I will be going to Texas A & M for a week long canine disaster course.


She continues to be a wonderful companion and is showing great promise with her Search and Rescue

K-9 training.


She is now a member of the Iowa Task Force 1 Urban Search and Rescue Team. Based with the Sioux City Fire Dept.


Thanks for saving her, and all of the training you have helped her and I through.


She has now joined that group of K-9's that have the motto " SO THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE "




Randy Ross

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