On a regular basis, we are contacted by people who would like to see a memorial on our website for their pet that they recently lost.
We are also extremely grateful for all of the donations that we receive and would like to pay recognition to the people who support us through the year.

Bailey Craighead


                                            In loving memory of Bailey Marie.


Her family of Jeremy & Kris, Austin, and Maddie were blessed with Bailey for 13 years. 

She will be dearly missed, but in their hearts forever.

Love you, Bailey girl.

Puddin' Groskurth

In loving memory of "Puddin".
she will be greatly missed by her owners, Bill & Deb, who had this wonderful cat for 17 years

Chewie Kritzer

Chewie Kritzer

In loving memory of Chewie Kritzer.
she will be greatly missed by her owners Don and Donna Kritzer of Sioux City,Iowa.

Selma Suh

In loving memory of Selma Suh.
Rescued and loved by Carrie and Chris. She will be dearly missed.
RIP Selma we love you.