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Animal Control Q & A's.

Here is a selection of questions & answers that pertain to Animal Control and what we do - If you would like to submit a question, please use the contact form (found on the site menu).

What animals do you have available to adopt?

- Primarily cats & dogs, but we regularly get other domestic animals, please check through our available pets that are listed on this site.

Must I spay / neuter an animal adopted from you?

- Absolutely, this is a fundamental requirement of you being allowed to adopt an animal from us, If you do not want to sign the spay and neuter agreement we will have no hesitation in declining your adoption application. This does not apply to "non cat or dog" adoptions such as Rabbits, Hamsters, Birds etc.

What if I fail to honor the agreement?

- The spay and neuter agreement is something that we take extremely seriously! (It is also required by Iowa law) If after a warning letter, you have failed to provide the proof that we ask for, we will turn your case over to the County Attorney and a warrant for your arrest could well be issued.

How long do I have to get an animal fixed?

- Typically, an animal needs to be fixed within 30 days from the date of adoption (if old enough) or when the animal reaches 6 months of age (if you adopt a puppy or kitten)

What proof of compliance do I need to send you?
- A copy of your receipt from the Veterinarian who performed the surgery will be fine, typically, the easiest way is for you to ask your Vet to fax us the paperwork, we can then make the necessary updates on our computer system.

What if I can't keep an animal that I adopt from you?

- If you have a change of circumstances and are unable to keep a pet that you adopted from us, it MUST be returned to us if you have not had it spayed or neutered as per the adoption agreement. If you HAVE complied with the spay / neuter requirement, then you may give the animal to somebody else - but it's always a good idea to let us know, so that we can update our records and microchip information.

Do I need a city animal license?

- If you live in the City of Sioux City and you own a cat or a dog, then yes, you need an animal license. It doesn't matter if your pet never goes outside - you still need to get one.

How do I get a license?

- We are able to sell you a pet license right here at the shelter. If your cat or dog is not spayed or neutered, then the cost is $30 for the calendar year - or just $10 if your animal is fixed. Late fees may apply. Just bring in proof of rabies vaccination and we can hook you up. The City accepts cash and debit/credit cards. 

Can you microchip my pet?

- Yes! The cost is just $15 and the chip will be registered in our database. No appointment is necessary and it only takes around 5 minutes to insert the chip and fill out the registration paperwork for you. 

Is a microchip like A GPS?

- Unfortunately no, it isn't. A microchip contains a 15 digit number which will link to your information in our computer. Think of it like a collar I.D tag which can't ever get lost

Do you offer boarding facilities?
- Unfortunately, we are just a facility for carrying out Animal Control & Adoption services, We do not have the ability to board peoples animals - Sorry.


Can I become a volunteer?

- Sure you can! If you are under 18 years of age, you must have a parent or guardian to accompany you. If you are 18 or older, you are free to volunteer without this supervision. We have wonderful volunteers working with us and always looking for more. We must ask that volunteers complete our standard registration form and liability waiver, which can be downloaded from HERE We appreciate your interest in volunteering for us!

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